Across the World


India, China, France, Spain, Thailand, USA… for more than 30 years we have provided quality kerbing machines to companies and local authorities all across the world – 60 counties in fact.


We believe everyone deserves the chance to benefit from the highest standard of kerbing. To have access to models capable of dealing with any scenario, not just the basics.


That is why, unlike many of our competitors who use 1 type of model for every occasion, we have created 6 powerful models that are easily adaptable to your project. Garden edging, paths or roads, no matter the job, our kerbing machines can be modified to suit you.


And location is not a problem.


In addition to our local marketing, we strive to provide quality kerbing machines to clients worldwide. If you need a low cost, yet highly constructed kerbing machine – we can help.



Our International Services


At Arrow Machinery, we regularly attend construction exhibitions in China, India, USA, Europe, UK, Singapore, Australia and Asia, in a bid to offer our equipment to those in need of a low cost alternative to those offered by Germany and the USA.


We appreciate, especially in developing countries, that flexible budgets are not always an option. That there will be times where your project limits your investment.


For this reason, we have purposefully constructed our kerb machines to be cost effective and adaptable, so you can confidently keep your costs low yet offer your project the efficiency and quality it deserves.




Our Service


  1. Through contact at our exhibitions or our website, we will take your enquiry, create a proposal and provide you with a  quotation and brochure containing any additional information you may need.
  2. Following our proposal we will discuss freight options, and then follow up within the month.
  3. Once you are satisfied with our offer, we will begin the process of delivery.
  4. If required we can provide intensive training for clients by sendinga qualified technician for up to 1 week to cover all aspects of the operation.


We are passionate about your success.


From our 12 months warranty (including 2 years spare parts with each of our machines) to our comprehensive operators manual to our intensive onsite training; from day one you will benefit from continued support, assistance and guidance.


At Arrow Machinery we don’t just aim to fulfill your kerbing machine needs. We strive to equip you with the tools and knowledge to complete your project to the highest of standards. To ensure that your project is matched to the best kerbing machine available.


And being just one of a handful of suppliers in the world capable of offering such a service, you can feel assured that we have got your best interests at heart.


We use only the finest in freight professionals to deliver your kerb machines. And thanks to our established connections with international component suppliers, you can order confident that your kerbing machine will not only arrive in perfect condition but will continue to stay that way for many years to come.


Contact us today for a free consultation, and see how our 30 years of extensive experience can make a real difference to your kerbing project.


India, Pacific Islands, PNG, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa (to name just a few), no matter your location we are more than happy to help.


Alternatively, visit our product page to learn more about our slip kerb and extruder technology machines.