Geelong Highway Project


Client: Greg Denholm Fencing
Location: Midland Highway, Victoria.
Timeframe: Ongoing Tender

Description: Greg Denholm Fencing, specialists in the installation of highway barrier wire rope fencing utilized the ARROW 750XL SlipformKerber to:


  • Pour 500mm wide concrete base strip for Highway Safety Barrier


Through the onboard vibrators, the ARROW 750XL SlipformKerber:


  • Produces the base strip
  • Fills pre-drilled 300mm wide X 600mm deep post holes, located every 4 meters along the side of the highway


The ARROW 750XL SlipformKerber was able to perform these tasks simultaneously, saving the client both time and money. Following this, the fence posts were then inserted and levelled using the pre existing machine stringline allowing the contractor to achieve up to 1000 lineal meters per day.

Kerb Replacement Works. Logan QLD


Client: Shamrock Civil
Location: Logan Queensland
Timeframe: Ongoing contract

Description: Existing kerb was neglected and a replacement kerb was required. Immediately following the removal of existing kerb, the ARROW 750XL SLIPFORM KERBER was set up appropriately to:


  • Pour high strength slump concrete adjacent to and below the pavement level.

With minimal time required between removal and replacement, the use of the ARROW 750XL SLIPFORMER ensured there was little disruption to surrounding householders and road users.


Furthermore, the high strength slump concrete poured by the machine guarantees that replacement will never be necessary again. This is due to the:


  • Quality of the finish straight out of the machine.
  • Leaving hand finishing only to driveways and link up’s.
  • Vibrated concrete ensuring high strength.
  • Quicker setting time to allow backfilling works to be done sooner.


With the offset pouring set up on the ARROW 750XL the contractor can replace either small or large runs without the use of board/handwork.

The Bulahdelah Bypass Project


Client: Baulderstone Pty Ltd
Location: Pacific Highway, Bulahdelah, NSW
Timeframe: 2 Years

Description: Baulderstone Pty Ltd was awarded the construction of the Bulahdelah Bypass project which involved:


  • The production of two grade separated interchangesSeveral bridges
  • 8.6km of new 4-lane dual carriageway
  • As well as local road adjustments

To achieve this Baulderstone Pty Ltd utilised ARROW Machinery’s 750XL SLIPFORM KERBER.


The ARROW 750XL SlipformKerber performed over 23km of kerbing including:


  • 16km of 1000mm wide dish drain
  • 3.5km of kerb and gutter
  • 2.5km of centre median kerb


The construction ran smoothly. Due to the steepness of the kerb modifications were made to the SlipformKerber that included rear drive wheels, and the kerb construction was completed on schedule. In addition Baulderstone were able to lay the lean mix and pour the v drain with the same machine making the ARROW 750XL SLIPFORM KERBER even more versatile.

Geelong Highway, Victoria
Kerb Replacement Works. Logan QLD
The Bulahdelah Bypass, Pacific Hwy,NSW