Leading specialists in extruder and slip form technology, for more than 30 years we have successfully provided our customers the world over with the tools and knowledge to complete their kerbing projects to the highest of standards.


We recognise that no kerbing job is the same. That location, surface conditions and time constraints can influence the type of kerbing machine you need.


That is why unlike many of our competitors we offer a range of 6 powerful kerbing machines, so we can match your project to the best machine for you.


And should the match not be completely perfect? We can customise and modify our models so they are fully capable of fulfilling all aspects of your operation.


We believe in quality. In offering our clients, whether they be civil contractors, road contractors or local government, the finest in manufacturing and high end components.


And being one of the few kerb machine manufacturers in the world that can customise our machines in such a manner, you can invest in our products confident in their reliability and efficiency.


Why Choose Us?

Our exclusive kerbing machines are not only accessible in Australia. We cater to contractors across the world – more than 60 countries in fact – in a bid to offer affordable kerbing solutions to everyone.


India, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Islands (to name a few)… thanks to our connection with professional freight providers and overseas component suppliers, we are able to export our kerbing machines and offer you 12 months warranty and 2 years of spare parts.


But this is not all…


We are one of the few kerb machine manufacturers in the world to offer a range of both slip form technology AND extruder machines. Machines that have proven themselves again and again in their construction of: subdivisions, landscaping, freeways and garden edging.


  • Our Slip Form Machines – proven to produce faster construction times, our advanced slip form machines are twice as stronger, 3 times faster and can reduce your operation crew from 5 to 3 people, ultimately saving you time and money over the course of your project.
  •   Our Extruder Machines – known for their use of dry mix, our extruder machines use a compact ramming mechanism to form kerbs. Whilst not as advanced as our slip form machines, this versatile kerbing machine is compact, efficient and ideal for car parks, landscaping and subdivisions.


In the last 30 years we have helped 100s of contractors to complete their construction projects, providing them with the finest in expert advice, service and machinery – and we can do the same for you too.


You too can take advantage of our continued support and training, whilst harnessing 6 uniquely designed kerbing machines that are renowned for their reliability, cost effectiveness and speedy construction times.


So don’t wait! Contact our team of highly trained experts today for a free consultation and allow us to guide your project to success.