Premium Concrete Kerb Manufacturers Who Make A Difference


In a market, where the vast majority of kerbing manufacturers sell kerbing machines that are either too advanced, too big or too expensive to deal with the actual job they’ve been assigned to; at Arrow Machinery you can feel assured that we have got your best interests at heart.


For more than 30 years we have supported contractors in their quest to find the perfect concrete curbing machine.


A machine that not only takes your location, budget and manpower options into consideration, but that has been uniquely tailored to fulfill the specifics of your job.


Yet we have managed to do just that!


Unlike many of our competitors who follow the motto of ‘one machine suits all’, at Arrow Machinery we have successfully created 6 powerful kerbing machines that can easily be customised to suit your needs.


Need support with your landscape curbing? You can harness our Arrow 110 to complete your garden edging. Need assistance with the construction of your car park? Both our Arrow 350 and 450 machines can help.


No matter your project size or needs, we can easily modify our exclusive range of slip form and extruder kerbing machines and ultimately save you time, energy and money.



How Are We Different From Our Competitors?


Whilst the idea of a universal kerbing machine may sound appealing – especially if you’re planning to undertake various kerbing jobs – reality is not always so straight forward.


Too often these universal machines are too complex for their operators. Or due to their sheer size cannot correctly complete the job – and this can be expensive for you.


Yet with Arrow Machinery this will never be a concern.


We have harnessed our 30 years of experience; utilised our international connections and have created a range of high end, quality kerbing machines that will always save you money.


Our Worldwide Distributor Network


With Arrow Machinery you will receive:


  • Free consultations  – our experts will look at your job requirements, needs and budget, before customising our machines to suit your project.
  • Kerbing machines created from only the finest in high end components.
  • International access – thanks to our continued connections to professional freight providers and component suppliers, we are able to export our kerbing machines to over 60 countries, including China, India, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, PNG, the UK and the USA (to name a few).
  • A choice of slip form and extruder technology – our slip form machines have been proven to be the most advanced on the market! Twice as strong, 3 times faster (in construction) and reputed to cut your manpower from 5 to 3 people, these versatile machines can lower your costs and ensure you always stay on budget.
  • Ongoing training and support – we don’t believe in supplying you with our product, then sending you on your way. Depending on your needs, we can provide your team with 1 week’s worth of training by one of specialist technicians.
  • 12 months warranty and 2 years spare parts (export) – repairs, new parts… you need assistance, we will help.
  • Guaranteed service from a wide network of service suppliers – Yanmar for engines, Rexroth for hydraulics, Moba for control systems etc. You need a part… we can get it for you.



Your satisfaction matters to us.


From the construction and tailoring of your kerbing machine, to our training packages, we are committed to offering you the support and guidance you deserve.


So why not contact our team of experts today and allow us to find the right kerbing machine for you?


Whether you prefer the cost effectiveness and efficiency of our slip form models, or require the compact designs of our extruder machines; no matter your choice, with Arrow Machinery you can feel assured all of our machines are equipped to handle all aspects of your operation.